[ SelfGameSource.com ] Trojan Binded Game Source Code

Recently, One of mail caught in our spam, which came from domain "SelfGameSource.com" . Game they claimed was send for beta testing to all developers with open source code and with distribution license to "Android" and "iOS" play store.

Well, this looked funny, why would any developer will share source code of game , while they can publish too. 

There are many open source games no question in that, but this mail which came in spam, looked spammy. So, we did VirusTotal Scan and Boom ( Trojan ) => https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/181688a06a51823b6af73eb7ae353f6eebf219e8e0ddea1bcaa65316f980eecc/analysis/1499753195/ 

Surprisingly, Only 3 vendors were able to detect this as "Trojan" , So, we plan to dig in more to find out the file , place and method of trojan code injected. But than thought, just not waste time and move on.

One of our team member went ahead and dig more to see, how many people or developer have clicked the URL shared in mail to open this game and downloaded. Well the number is 800+ . How, we know that, because they shared with "Short URL" and every short  URL has analytics page. Which you can see them in featured image.



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